Romanian Cottage Cheese Dumplings (Papanasi)

My mom never made these when I grew up, but I had a neighbor who made them a lot and loved to share.:)  I haven't had them in probably over 20 years, so  I don't really remember the taste.  This recipe here is combined from several I found.  I really like what came out!:)  Very yummy!  Enjoy!
-4 cups cottage cheese
-1 cup sugar
-1/2 tsp baking powder
-2 eggs
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-5-6 cups flour
-sour cream
-your favorite jelly/preserves
In your mixer bowl beat cheese with sugar and baking powder.  Then add eggs and vanilla.  Add the flour half a cup at a time, until it looks like a soft dough, but not sticky.  Take a bit of dough, form a small ball, then squish it a bit and with your finger dig a little hole in the middle (just like a doughnut).  Fry until golden brown, then drain on paper towels.
Top with sour cream and jelly/preserves.  Enjoy!


Team Karekar said…
Ah, imi lasa gura apa! Papanasi are some of my very favorite RO sweets!!!! Gotta try this but will need to figure out what I can substitute cottage cheese for...???? (i need a non-dairy substitue) Yummyyyy!!!
Ioana said…
Cristina, here are some sites I found suggesting subs for cottage cheese:
I hope it helps!!!
Team Karekar said…
Esti super Ioana! Merci mult pentru site-urile recomandate, o sa ma uit! Te pup!!!