Carp Roe Spread (Icre)

Carp is a fresh water fish.   Is sweet to the taste.  I have lots of fond memories of it since I had it a lot growing up.  Roe is basically fish eggs, but it's not really caviar.  Anyway, this is a very common Romanian appetizer.  It's very yummy.  You can spread it on bread and top it with black olives, pickled sweet peppers, tomatoes, or dill pickles.  It is VERY important to whisk the roe in the same direction.  If you don't then the spread will fall apart, not being homogeneous at all.  Don't worry though, I'll add the remedy for it if you do whisk it both ways.:)  Enjoy!
-1 Tbs carp roe
-about 1/4 cup vegetable or canola oil (might need more than this)
-1-2 Tbs lemon juice
-1 Tbs grated onion (optional)
-1-2 Tbs water, if needed
Place roe in a shallow bowl.  Whisk with a fork in same direction, just until roe is broken (do NOT beat with a mixer).  Add the oil and lemon juice a little at a time, until it becomes white and fluffy.  If the spread is too thick, add the water (a little at a time, as well). 
If you did whisk both ways and the mixture is not together, then add about 1 Tbs of warm water.  Then continue whisking the same way.  If using onion, stir it in at the very end.
Spread some on bread and top with olives, pickled sweet peppers, tomatoes, or pickles.  Enjoy!
Recipe courtesy of my mom.


Team Karekar said…
Yummy, draga Ioana unde gasesti tu icre? La ce magazin? Te pup!!!
Ioana said…
Cristina, astea au fost aduse din Arizona de o prietena a mamei mele. Cand eram in Virginia, le-am gasit la un magazin care vindea produse din Middle East. Acolo gasisem si halva...yum!:) Deocamdata nu le-am gasit aici unde stam, dar nici n-am avut timp sa ma duc la magazine care vand produse din tari diferite.
Team Karekar said…
Aha, merci Ioana. O sa ma uit la magazine cu middle Eastern foods. Halva...ce deliciu!! :-) Te pup! Ai niste retete super! Esti o inspiratie!!! :)