Stove Top Popcorn

There are so many popcorn varieties out there for the microwave.  However, most of them are quite greasy and messy.  Then there's the air popped kind.  Although is fluffy and healthy (no grease) it's hard to give them a good flavor.  Out of the many flavoring packages I tried, none turned out satisfying.  So, I tried the way my mom used to make popcorn, before air pop machines and microwaves.  Right on top of the stove. Oh, it is sooo good!  And cheap, and full of flavor.  YUM!  Of course, you can add any flavor you want to this, but sometimes, simple is best. :)  Enjoy!
-3 Tbs vegetable or extra virgin olive oil
-3-4 Tbs margarine
-1 cup kernels
-1 tsp salt
Place oil and margarine in large pot/wok (whatever you use that has a lid).
 Add the popcorn kernels and salt.   Give it a good stir.  When it starts sizzling, like below, place the lid on top.  Shake the pan back and forth every other minute so that the kernels don't get stuck on the bottom.
 Be patient, it will take a few minutes to hear that first pop, but once it starts you'll be happy you had that lid on. :)  When you hear that last pop, remove pot from stove, remove lid and enjoy your yummy popcorn!