Evil Chicken Dinner

I found this recipe while reading a murder mystery book by Josi Kilpack about a lady who loves cooking. :)  The recipe sounded quite intriguing to me because it involves bacon, chili powder and brown sugar.  The result is absolutely DELICIOUS!  This is definitely a winner dinner.  The sugar takes away most of the spiciness, leaving just a tiny little subtle kick.  It is absolutely amazing! This dish goes perfect on top of rice with a little salad or veggies on the side.  Enjoy!
-16 oz bacon, cut into bite sized pieces
-2 chicken breasts, skinless, boneless, cut into chunks
-3 Tbs chili powder
-1 cup brown sugar
Cook bacon in a large skillet until nearly done.  Do NOT drain.  Add the chicken and chili powder and give it a good stir.  Cook until chicken is done.  Add the brown sugar and mix well until it dissolves.  Continue cooking, stirring occasionally until sauce begins to thicken (4-5 minutes).
Serve on top of rice with plenty of the sauce.  Enjoy!
Original recipe found here.


Laree said…
I'm glad you liked this recipe. I actually created it and let Josi use it in her books. Would you be willing to link back to her site? It's always nice to give credit back. Plus you can actually download all of the recipes from her books in PDFs there.
Ioana said…
Laree, first of all, thank you for creating this recipe! It is delicious and has quickly become a family favorite for us! Second, I do try give credit to original recipes, when they are not mine. I just didn't know about the website and found the recipe in the book. Sorry about that! I did look it up and linked it.