Savarine-1st version

I have been craving these for way too long!  I found a lot of recipes, every one of them slightly different than the others and I kind of combined them together.  I was also skeptical at the use of bread crumbs, but oh, boy, were they good!!!  The down part is that this recipe only makes 4 of them.  Enjoy!
-5 large eggs, yolks and whites separated
-5 Tbs sugar
-5 Tbs plain bread crumbs
-1 Tbs all purpose flour
For the syrup
-1 cups water
-3/4 cup sugar
-1-2 tsp rum extract
-1 tsp vanilla extract
To decorate:
-whipped cream
-about a tsp of your favorite jelly (I used cherry)
Preheat oven to 325 F.  Spray 4 ramekin dishes with baking spray.
Beat the egg whites until foamy.  In a large mixer bowl, beat the yolks with the sugar until the mixture becomes white.  Add bread crumbs, flour and eggs whites.  Pour mixture evenly in the prepared baking dishes.  Bake for 20-30 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean.
While they're baking, make the syrup by mixing the water and sugar into small sauce pan.  Place on low heat and stir until sugar is completely dissolved.  Remove from heat and let it cool.  Once cooled, add rum and vanilla extracts.
After the savarine are baked, remove from ramekin dishes onto a baking sheet.  Pour the syrup on top of them.  Be very generous.  I used about half the syrup.  Then let them cool completely.
Right before eating, cut the top off and fill with whipped cream.  Gently spread a bit of the jelly on the top.  Enjoy!
ps: check out the 2nd version too!


Irina said…
Arată delicios!!!!!!
Cristina said…
Oh Ioana, ma omori cu savarinele!!!! O sa le fac sigur!!! Esti nemaipomenita si iti multumesc ca ai incercat multe retete inainte si le-ai combinat sa ne faci noua munca mai usoara! Savarinele erau unele din prajiturile mele preferate in RO,dupa ecleruri! :-) te pup, esti minunata!!!
Ioana said…
Cristina, o sa le incerc saptamana asta si pe cele cu faina si drojdie. Daca ies bune, o sa postez reteta. Pupici!:)