Chicken Shaorma

My family in Romania has been raving about this dish for quite some time now, so I had to try it.  It actually comes from the Middle East and it's basically a stuffed tortilla.  It's pretty good.  The white sauce seems to be the key.  I will not give particular measurements to the filling, as that is up to how much you want to eat.  The sauce does have measurements,although that could also be according to your taste.  Enjoy!
-burrito size tortillas
-cooked chicken breast (it could be grilled, fried, boiled etc)
-shredded cabbage
-french fries
-sliced pickles
-garlic sauce (recipe to follow)
Garlic sauce:
-1 cup sour cream
-3-4 garlic cloves, crushed
-salt, to taste
-ground white pepper, to taste
Warm up a tortilla.  Fill it with chicken, cabbage, fries, pickles, garlic sauce and ketchup.  Wrap it up and enjoy!


Cristina said…
Wohoo! Got to try this, cand am mers in RO, shaorma a fost una din favorite street foods! Yum!
EHC said…
Yum! This looks alot like a kebab. This will have to do since my favorite place in Sector 4 is permanently shut down. :( And I live thousands of miles away in America. Thanks for the recipe!